Hi! I’m Fraser, a creative software engineer passionate about building beautiful, accessible, performant digital products.

Over the years I've been fortunate to work on major projects with Edinburgh Fringe, Linn, White Claw, Laphroaig, Innis & Gunn and many others. I'm currently Senior Software Engineer at STV News, working as part of a small team building and maintaining the website and mobile apps.

My go-to stack is typically static and JavaScript focused (think Next.js + an API), but I've done a bit of everything over the years.

What's that then?

The “software engineer” bit is simple enough - I build all sorts of digital products (websites, apps, games and more) for anyone with an idea and a budget.

I've thrown the word “creative” in there because I like to think I bring a bit of flair and creativity to proceedings, on top of the technical know-how you would expect.

Over the last 8 years I've been fortunate to work on significant projects with loads of interesting clients, including:

Edinburgh Fringe
Celtic Football Club
See Me
Scottish Autism
Innis & Gunn
Edinburgh Gin
Magners Cider
White Claw
Laphroaig Whisky
Bowmore Whisky

My stack

These days I'm all about that Jamstack - in particular Next.js (a popular React framework which brings structure and consistency to server side rendering and all sorts of other goodies), plus whatever serverless backend or API makes sense for the project. It's a fantastic way to work - great developer experience and great user experience all in one.

Before I submerged myself in full-stack JavaScript I was very much a PHP guy, so have years of experience with the LAMP stack, including Laravel, Symfony and custom development on top of all of the big content management systems.

Select side projects