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10th June '18

Living in the UK, especially in Scotland, I think it's kind of trendy to hate on London. Personally though I love the place, and don't think I'll ever get tired of visiting. A truly cosmopolitan, global city with so much to offer - from the hyper-modern to ancient history. As a modern art lover I also can't get enough of the Tate Modern - it has to be up there with the Centre Pompidou, Paris and the MOMA, New York as one of the greatest collections on earth.

This collection of photos was from a single a visit during a particularly hot, dank, stormy summer which really enhanced the atmosphere. I viscerally remember standing on the banks of the Thames for a couple of hours one evening watching this huge storm cloud (in an otherwise clear deep blue sky) roll over the city and the Houses of Parliament, lightning crackling constantly.

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